08 June, 2010

Going out with the ugly guy

So, I won't bang on about this too much, but I recently had a date with a guy that was just really, really ugly. He looked sort of interesting and charming in his picture, but when I met him he was ghastly. Overweight, terrible skin, bad teeth, the works. The problem was that he was a really nice guy, and quite funny and interesting. But I just knew I could never have sex with him. Hell, I couldn't even look him in the eye. Disaster.

There's nothing worse than an ugly date. A rude one, or a stupid one you can handle. You don't feel too bad about letting them down. But an ugly one is terrible. Because they're usually really keen. And you have to give them a reason why you don't want to date them. You can't say, "it's because you're ugly". You can only say, "I'm not in the right place right now", or something equally inane. To which they usually respond, "well why did you go out on a date with me?" Which is a fair enough question.

So my advice is to never, ever date an ugly guy. If you can avoid it.

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