26 July, 2010

The one I liked (but almost killed)

Candidate No. 11 probably wasn't ideal, but I really liked him. There were a few things that stood in the way of our love - he was vegetarian, I'm a committed meat eater, he doesn't drink, I certainly do, he's gluten-free, I'm gluten-rich, and so on. But I really liked him.

We had a few dates - an appalling Spanish art film, a dinner or two, some gallery hopping, and he was charming, funny, and intelligent. A school teacher, he had some really interesting views on things. As I've said, I liked him a lot.

But then the day came when the phone rang and it was No. 11 telling me that he really just wasn't into it. Or rather, into me. Which was a bit crushing, but at the same time, you should never get upset about rejection on a dating site - after all, it's all a bit hit and miss, but I was disappointed. I was very gracious about it all, but gnashed my teeth a little afterward.

Fast forward a week. I'm driving to my brother's place in the outer suburbs for lunch. It's about 11am, and I'm on the M1 out of town, when an idiot driver pulls in front of me suddenly, forcing me to slam on the brakes (er, and the horn), and let forth some choice expletives. The guy then slows down, so I indicate and pull into the lane to my left.

Narrowly missing Candidate No. 11.  Who just happened to be on the same stretch of road, at the same time, quietly minding his own business.

Yep. I just about ran the poor guy off the road. I can only imagine he thinks I'm a bitter, vindictive spurned woman, who, on seeing him, thought she'd side swipe him into oblivion.

Of course, I'm nothing of the sort. By amazing co-incidence, he just happened to be driving on the same road, at the same time, in my blind spot.

I'm sure he thinks I'm a stalker now. If you're out there reading this No. 4, I'm sorry! It was an accident, and I'm not trying to kill you.

But I understand now, why you had to let me go.

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