11 August, 2010

The Usher

Okay, so this isn't my dating story, and kind of isn't quite a dating story, but it's so wonderful, I had to share it.

I have a friend, let's call him Georgio, who told me about a job he once applied for at a cinema.  The company was run by an elderly gay man, who first insisted on getting my pal to submit to a full horoscope. 

You read that right - a horoscope.

So Georgio contacts his mother to get the exact time and place of his birth, and gets it back to the elderly gentleman.  He pays an astrologer to create a chart.  Given that I've never once heard of an astrologer saying "this person is an axe-murderer, or possibly capable of embezzlement", I can't imagine that there would be a problem.  There wasn't, naturally.

However, the proprietor of the business had something of a penchant for seducing his staff.  I asked Georgio if he succumbed to his employer's advances, to which he replied, "I'd only let him buy me drinks."  Glorious.

He did say though, that because he was a virgo he was made "marketing officer", which meant that he had to change the posters in the cinema, on top of his regular ushing and drinking responsibilities.

What a little piece of heaven!  I wish it had happened to me.

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