15 October, 2010

The Frenchman. Part 2.2

Did I say tomorrow?  Oh, I meant tonight.

Because Frenchy texted me at 4.50 to say he wasn't going to make the date at 6pm.  Rather he said "We're going to have to cancel".  By which he means, he's going to have to cancel.  Stuck in Belgrave or some such. What bollocks.

Well, that's torn it.  He's out.  Cancelling, I can handle, after all, I was really going on the date so I could blog about it here (that's the problem with this blog, it's making me go on dates with the unworthy, just so I can tell you about it), but letting me know when it's too late to organise something else is just plain wrong.

No second chances you French fuck!

Happily, I've another date lined up next weekend.  So we're all good.

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