22 November, 2010

The Movie Buff

God, when will I ever learn.

So this bloke is crazy about movies.  And I mean crazy.  The more obscure the better.  I'd say it was pretentious, but seriously, it's more like insane.  Obsessed.  We'd had a bit of parlay back and forth by email.  I kept postponing him because I had better offers (yes my darlings, not every date I have ends up here - some of them are quite nice), until eventually I couldn't in conscience say no one more time, and he, frankly wouldn't give up.  And still hasn't I might add.

First things first.  He turned up a half hour late.  I really fucking hate this.  If you can't make it by six thirty, then don't say you'll be there at six thirty.  It is the very height of rudeness to keep someone waiting, even if you call to say you'll be late.  Black mark.

Then when he did arrive he was, well, so beige, so utterly bland and devoid of anything resembling cool that I knew, with sinking heart, that this was going nowhere, and I had at least two hours of chit chat before I could escape.  And he was kinda fat.

I bought the first round. 

We talked about film.  He was excited.  And when I say excited, think Tom Cruise on the couch excited. 

As the restaurant was full, we decided to get some food delivered to the table in the bar.  He goes up to the counter and orders dinner and another round of drinks.  When he sat down, he quite deliberately placed the receipt on the table between us.

Now I'm the sort of girl who always pays half on dates.  There are two reasons:

  1. I don't think it's fair to expect anyone to pay for my dinner when they don't know me at all, and
  2. I don't want them to think I'm obliged to put out at the end of the night.  Because I'm not.  Even if they do pay for dinner. 
So I said "Oh, did you pay for dinner?"  by which I meant, did you pay now, as opposed to them giving us a bill at the end of the night.  And he answered, rather snakily I thought:

"Well, it doesn't pay for itself, does it."

Black Mark 2.

I didn't have the right change at the time, so after a half hour or so, I bought the third round of drinks.  Afterward I realised that he'd ripped me off.  I bought the first round, half the second round and the third round.  Not that it matters really, but I find tight-arsery very unattractive in a fellow.

In spite of snarky cheapness, he was all enthusiasm.  Talking about the movies he hoped we'd watch together, how he looked forward to meeting my dog, how amazing it was that he'd found someone so very on his wavelength.  Schmuck.

Anyway, he's still emailing me.  I've told him politely no.  He's now angling to "be friends".  I have enough friends, I told him.  I've stopped replying.

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