08 December, 2010

The List

So once I had a disastrous date with this American dude who turned out, like so many I've met, to have lied about a lot.  Like the fact that his work had sent him to Australia to complete a doctorate in political science.  Turns out it was a family company, which is to say, his parents who sent him to do a bachelor of politics.  Perhaps I'm splitting hairs but you know, whatever.

Anyway, the point of it all is that a few months after the date I deleted his number from my phone.  This turned out to be a Bad Idea.  Because my American pal called me out of the blue to see if I'd like to go for round two.  So now I have a system.  I keep their number, but preface it with an X (as in, don't cross this line).  That way, I can refuse to answer.  So allow me to introduce you to my little friends.

In this list, in no specific order, we have: the guy I nearly ran off the road; the Bad kisser; and the Man's Man.

Here, you'll find The Guy who looked like John Jarrett; Mike Yanagitathe Guy with the Shoes and the aforementioned American.  

But wait, because you also get:

Three more douches!  It's a good system.  I recommend it.


  1. What a genius idea - using technology as weed killer to prevent future needy-weedy phone calls!

  2. I know which one the American is! What a small world!

  3. You know Luigi, I'd appreciate you keeping that under your hat, and not notifying our American friend about the blog. We don't want to hurt his feelings, after all.

  4. Not a problem, hence why I didn't mention his name in my comment. I can assure you, my lips are sealed.