21 January, 2011


So I'm pretty active on Facebook.  Yeah, I know I should just get a life, but I like it.  It makes me feel connected.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I got this message from a complete stranger:
"i love a woman at work ms lady ,may we become friends to conversate,i really would like to be your friend ms [Name],i like your eyes and everything else that come along with it"
The grammatical horrors alone preclude me from further correspondence with Desperado here.  And he didn't even sign his name. Admittedly, his inventiveness with verbs should be commended. 

Now I should explain that my current profile picture on Facebook is me wearing a yellow hard hat which explains the "woman at work" comment.  Why I'd be a woman at work in a hard hat and black silk top is beyond me though.  Whatever.  I mean, I expect that sort of thing on a dating site, where one is kind of asking for an email come-on, but on Facebook?  Back off buster!

Oh, and he lives in Sacramento.  So I don't know what he thinks he's going to get when we conversate.  Or what we'd even have in common frankly.  I should start a roadshow of village idiots.  I'd have quite a collection by now.

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