03 February, 2011

The Circus Strongman

It's been a bit quiet on the dating scene for yours truly.  Not that I haven't been pursued by lots of suitors, quite the contrary.  But there's been none I could actually bring myself to date.  Even for your sake.  God knows I'm determined to get my sorry arse out there, but really, some of the blokes that have been floating my way on the tawdry tides of love have been downright scary.

For example, let's take a look at this fellow. 

Now there's a few things worth noting.  Firstly, he's the size of a fucking ox.  Secondly he's got no friends because he has to take a picture of himself in the bathroom mirror.  Which is a bit sad.  Although the tiles do look quite clean, which is a mark in his favour.

When I saw him, he reminded me of something.  It took me a minute or two to work it out.  And then I remembered.  He looks exactly like a character I saw in a computer game.  Magical Google soon found the answer.  It was this chap*.

Alarming coincidence, don't you think?  All he needs is a mobile phone in his hand. 

I wonder where we'd go for dinner.  A steak restaurant probably.  And he'd eat his steak raw. With an egg yolk chaser.  Yikes!

*That second image is probably copyright.  So let me say that you should all go download the Mystery Case Files Madame Fate game for PC.  It's fun, and it has great graphics.  There, that should keep the lawyers off my back. 


  1. Those aren't bathroom tiles - it's the menu wall at Ladro & he's standing in the dining area, surrounded by friends egging him on.

  2. Jeez, I hope bathroom guy never gets to read "Dead fish". He scares the bejeezus out of me and I'm twice your size. The other guy in the lower picture looks a better bet love!

  3. that is not a domestic bathroom; it is an institutional bathroom. could be a hospital, a gym, or... a prison.