31 March, 2011

The twenty somethings. And then some.

I am getting a ludicrous amount of attention from twenty somethings.  And I must say ladies, particularly those of you under thirty, it's time for you to lift your game.  Because some of these boys are smokin' hot.  Unfortunately, they have the mental acuity of an eggplant.  Allow me to share some of the messages I've been blessed with in the past week.  Before you read this, I'd like to say that I do not have my rack out in any of my profile photos.  Young folk just have vivid imaginations.

27 year old, Melbourne :"Mmm cute pics...I'd love to cum all over your perky tits, sexy"
Well there's a nice way to speak to a lady.  Will you buy me a drink first?  No?  Oh.
23 year old, Minnesota: "I like ur boob"
Which one?  The left or the right?
24 year old, Egypt: "you very attractive"
Thanks fella, wish I could say the same about you. 
Then again, perhaps I should be grateful for small mercies.  Because this dickwad deluxe also sent me a, frankly, obscene message that even I can't bring myself to replicate here.  If a picture says a thousand words, then this one says yokel for 999 of them, and bogan for number one thousand.  Makes Mister Perky Tits up there look positively darling!

Look at that fucking tooth.  God almighty.

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